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Collectives 4 Art Music & Dance

Collectives 4 Arts Music & Dance (C4AMD)
We are committed to providing sustainable arts and wellness programs focused on healthy learning experiences that activate the body and mind.

Dominican Collectives Dance Ensemble, Inc (DBA) Collectives 4 Arts Music & Dance is a 501(c)(3) cultural organization dedicated to empowering low-income communities through holistic cultural education.

Our goal is to provide sustainable, robust cultural experiences that educate the mind and activate the body.


We provide interactive & fun cultural and wellness programs in diverse communities across New York State and beyond. Our initiative includes a performing ensemble that trains young artists in dance, music, and theater, an art-based Summer Camp, and year-round multicultural and multi-disciplinary wellness activities and creative content programs tailored to various age groups.

All our programs and activities initiatives are focused on educating the public about Dominican’s unique cultural values and artistic expression while instilling mental and physical health, soul development, and human relationships.

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We are Collectives for Art Music & Dance (C4AMD)
Our goal is to provide sustainable, robust cultural experiences that activate the body and mind.


Our constituency is a multilingual and interdisciplinary community that includes a diverse audience from urban to rural communities. As we have created a network of local artists and community organizations we partner with, we can bring a wide variety of cultural and wellness programming that recognizes and celebrates the diversity of communities in New York and abroad.

Each year, Collectives 4 Arts Music & Dance impacts thousands of people – mostly youth in underserved and marginalized communities – in the United States through cultural workshops, dance classes, and performances. 

Collectives for Arts Music & Dance is committed to carrying its founder’s vision of inclusion in our members’ development and education while providing a safe environment where young people can reach their artistic potential. We hope to increase our programming offering and increase our members’ diversity to reflect the demographics it serves more closely.

Community benefit of the program/services considered for funding:

The activities and programs of Collectives 4 Arts Music & Dance provide several advantages to the community. 

Our students will have a greater appreciation of traditional arts, especially folk music, and how they have transmigrated in our culture. Through this program, students will witness a creative process while learning its historical importance in our community.